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"The Musical Doc" releases new single, "Real Woman" / Q&A

We had the opportunity to chat with singer songwriter, "The Musical Doc" about her new single, "Real Woman" produced by Peter Madana. We learn about TMD's up bringing, the inspiration for writing and producing "Real Woman," and how her quarantine has been. Check out our Q&A with TMD below!

1. What was your inspiration when writing "Real Woman"?

It was a sound and story that came to life authentically. This song was actually written a few years ago; At that point of my life, I was traveling between LA and Chennai for music and it was a very exciting time that entailed a lot of self discovery, empowerment, and a whole new narrative of what being a woman meant to me. I felt free from the restraints of the version of myself that I thought I had to be and uphold. This song was truly the vibe and spirit of my soul in a record. Classical Indian music has been a huge part of my life since I was a child, my parents are both musicians, it’s a sonic frequency and aura that’s embedded in my very being as a human being. I also grew up singing in choir and church and was introduced to the energy of gospel music at a very young age...that was also a true frequency of my being. When I go back and Listen to this record it makes sense. It makes sense why we would create something like this, it makes sense why I believe so much in the voice, vision and narrative of the song...I had to embrace it all...the sounds, stories, spaces, frequencies...When this song was written “The Musical Doc” wasn’t even “born” yet. I guess “Real Woman” was the universe’s way of leading me back to the truest form of ME.

2. What was the process like collaborating on "Real Woman" with Peter Madana?

Peter is a really good colleague and friend of mine who I respect and have learned a lot from through the years of us collaborating on projects together. This song was the first song we worked on, when I was visiting at the time from Chennai. We quickly discovered we shared a similar appreciation for old school r&b as well as classical South Indian music. The song came to life very organically as we input the sounds and experiences of the sonic universe into building the record. By the end of the evening we had a whole record!

3. What was the biggest challenge you had while in production with "Real Woman"?

I actually had to think about this one. I even went back and listened to the record. When I say this was truly an organic composition that came to life by jamming out, I mean it was written, recorded, and done in the same day. I know Peter went in and did his sonic surgery thaang on the mix and master. I think the biggest debate was when to drop a record like

this. Ironically the universe has it planned it would make its debut into the world 3 years later...a week before I got married!! FULL CIRCLE. Looking back now, I was a baby girl writing it affirming the woman I was stepping into. THAT’S RIGHT, STEP INTO YOURSELF QUEEEEN!!!

4. How have you kept yourself sane during this global pandemic?

I think by nature I have always enjoyed my inner world vortex of existence. It’s my inner mind body soul space where I create, innovate, design, conceptualize, contemplate, research, learn, elevate, express, oh my gosh there’s so much I enjoy doing in that space. The pandemic has given me the space to create and really elevate my sound, craft, and understanding as a musician, creative, entrepreneur and human soul.. no lie I really miss performing LIVE SHOWS. It’s an energy that fuels other aspects of my creative being. With That energy force being depleted, I had to find another way to unleash my creative mind. I dropped the first line of my new apparel line “TMD APPAREL” which is available

On my website beyond the excitement of sharing this with my family friends and fans, it was such an amazing learning experience as an entrepreneur as well! Starting from design, to choosing the fit, fabric, production, fulfillment, website creation, influencer/marketing campaigns, photo shoots it was me and my incredibly supportive Husband that figured out how to bring another aspect of the vision of “The Musical Doc” to life.

I also had more time to spend with my students from around the world through my online music lessons at TMD Studios. I am in the works of releasing an App exclusively for my student body that helps streamline the way they learn virtually, have access to their lesson plans, practice sessions, and more!

Well I guess you can say the cherry on top of all of this “sanity keeping” there was also this thing on 10.10.2020 a.k.a my big fat cross cultural virtual wedding and contactless drive-through reception (you can check out the whole live video on my YouTube channel) planning a covid wedding, now that’s a whole other story I’ll save for another time. Ultimately the way I see it, change is the only constant. Stay true to who you are, stay safe, have fun, and keep elevating.

5. What can we expect from you next?

I have this hot new record that I’m dropping with my boy Royal. It’s a soul peace I wrote while driving out to Yostemite. I was going through some ish, and my husband said, “naw we’re getting out of here, you need to reflect”. It was me, the instrumental, forestry, and firewood. You already know that’s another force of energy. Make sure to stay tuned for release date! Also I dropped my new vlog series of all the beauty and madness in layers that goes into making your dreams into reality. New video every Saturday! Let’s gooooo!


The Musical Doc - Real Woman (Prod By. Peter Madana) | Official Lyric Video


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