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Singer songwriter Nisha releases new music/short film "11:11" addressing their non-binary identity

Singer-songwriter Nisha just released their new single, "11:11." The talented artist spoke to us about their non-binary identity, new music video and advice to young queer youth. Check out our interview with Nisha below!

1. Your song "11:11" is about the awakening of your non-binary identity. What was the biggest challenge you had while writing "11:11"?

I think the biggest challenge for me was letting go of these fantasies in my head of who I was trying to be; the roles I was playing out to please people who are important to me. I struggled with the idea that I would be rejected, and outcast for acknowledging who I was and beyond that for demanding that it be given space and respect within my relationships. It’s been a process of moving through that fear or even bringing it along with me as I had many conversations with others and with myself. 2. What was the inspiration behind the music video for "11:11"? In creating this visuals, I wanted to explore my identity as well as the role play within the context of my multiculturalism. I was inspired by black and white art films, movies like Roma, Bollywood film and modern music videos. I also watch a lot of nature videos because they make me feel calm so I wanted to add that element so that you could kinda run the video in the back while working after you’ve digested it :)

3. It's currently Pride month. What does Pride mean to you? This is my first Pride as non-binary. My experience has been that although you can explain yourself forever, it only really matters that you understand you. Pride is a chance to celebrate myself, celebrate who I am and what I’ve done to claim who I am. I just think when it comes to appreciating yourself, you have to do it - no ones gonna really do it for you and Pride is an open door to that party :)

4. What advice do you have for Desi youth that are struggling to come out? Just to have a lot of compassion with yourself. And not to surrender your boundaries because they are inconvenient for others. Also to seek out kind and like minded people because it’s really hard to feel like you’re a problem in your family and you’re going to need a community to lean on and help you thrive :) 5. What can we expect from you next? Always more music :) I’ve been working on an album. I’m taking my time with it but I love the records a lot.


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