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Vardaan Arora releases, "Drama" with Nicopop / Q&A

Vardaan Arora is back with a new bop! However this time it's in collaboration with, "nicopop." Their new track, "Drama" is an upbeat dance track and we had a chance sit down with Arora to talk about the song, co-writing, and his upcoming EP! Check out our Q&A with the rising pop-star below!

1. What was your inspiration when writing "Drama"?

In the past, I feel like I've written about anxiety, and the darker themes around it. I wanted to do something quintessentially pop for Drama - a cheeky, catchy banger that makes you want to get up and move, you know? I came into the studio with an idea - I was like, it would be so fun to write a song about loving to gossip. We all do it, it's a guilty pleasure for many of us, so let's take the guilt out of it and be completely unapologetic.

2. How was it working with Emily Vaughn and Nicolas Dipietranronio? Do you have a studio story you can share?

It was the perfect team to work on a song like this. Nicopop, who I'm lucky to have worked with, is such a talented guy. I played him some reference tracks, and he got a sense of the sound I wanted to go for immediately. Such clean production. And Emily's melodies are always infectious. I had been a fan of both artists for a while, so getting them to work together with me on a song was super surreal. So happy to have made it happen. It's also my first collaboration as an artist, and that was also an exciting part of it.

3. We've heard you're currently in production for your upcoming EP! Can you share a little about the sound and who you're working with?

Yes! Finally working on an EP that's supposed to come out later in the year. I'm going through some personal stuff, and I'm glad I have the outlet to write about a lot of those feelings that may otherwise be really hard to put into words. It's still going to sound very much like me - it's dancey, it's fun, it's definitely pop - but I want the entire project to be super cohesive lyrically. It explores different themes and ideas, but you can tell they're coming from the same person - or at least I hope so. I'm collaborating with Natania and Matt on some of the songs - I've worked with them before, and it's just so easy. Comfort level is super important to me when I'm in the studio, so I'm lucky to have found people I can work with in a seamless way. I'm traveling to Canada for some more sessions, and potentially working in New York as well - but I can't wait to finish it up and pick out all the songs. I'm excited!

4. Who are you currently listening to at the moment?

So many artists! Dua Lipa's new stuff is fantastic. I'm loving 'Chalo' by Celina Sharma, it's so catchy. Selena Gomez's latest record has a fair amount of bops, as does Meghan Trainor's. It's funny, I always gravitate towards female artists, and that's where I get a lot of my inspiration from. Either that, or queer artists haha. Loving Jordy's latest EP as well. So much talent out there!

5. As we've jumped into 2020 with a new release, what was your biggest highlight of 2019?

Musically, my biggest highlight was my first LA session, which happened last year in March. It was for my song january. I'd been working on music in Nashville before that, so to fly out to LA and work with people I'd never even met before was a huge risk that I think has paid off. Now, each time I go back, I'm more excited than the last time to work on music. I'd say it's been a huge contributing factor to my growth as an artist.

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