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Charisma Releases New Music Video, Calvary / Q&A

We had the opportunity to talk to the awesome Charisma about the release of her new music video, "Calvary!" Check out the exclusive VEYLEX Q&A below!

1. What was your inspiration for the treatment of the "CalvAry" music video?

Marshall: For me it was less about what other music videos or outside sources inspired me than it was about trying to make a visual interpretation of what the song felt like to listen to. The process of figuring out what we were going to do focused mostly on playing the song and getting pictures in my mind of what the song would look like visually. Over the course of a few weeks I put those thoughts into a concept that we could realistically film with the resources we had access to. The biggest inspiration was ultimately the song itself.

2. What was the biggest challenge you faced while filming "CalvAry?"

CAL, CHARISMA & MARSHALL - Without a doubt the biggest challenge we all faced was achieving the look we wanted with practically no budget. In the beginning I had certain setups in mind that we just couldn’t realistically get because we couldn’t afford them. On one of the setup ideas we went through about 5 major location changes before we got to one we could actually afford to film at.

Practically every location except for the one interior setup was shot in a fairly remote location that we could get away with filming for free. Unfortunately, when you’re dealing with those kinds of locations the challenges multiply. The location for the sunrise sequence required the crew to carry equipment a mile and a half uphill in the dead of night.

3. What is your favorite part of your music video?

Our favorite part was the sequence at the end with the sun rising. We shot that over the course of two days during the very short span of golden hour. As we mentioned before we had to carry a couple hundred pounds of equipment up a fairly rough hike that was about a mile. On top of that we had a very small window to actually film what we needed. For all the work we put into it I think it turned out quite well.

4. What can we expect from you next?

Hopefully more music videos , another single a project, upcoming shows in LA, I have one on the 9th of April at Bar Lubitsch in West Hollywood at 7pm & another 22nd April at Limerick’s Tavern - DTLA. Marshal has a couple of short film projects he's working on as well at the moment.

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