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Tanya Vora, Canadian-Indian singer/ songwriter and producer drops her newest single "Dusty." The song is a pop-soul smooth jam, with some melodic r&b and hip-hop elements. The lyrics tell the story of the exciting/terrifying moment when you realize you're falling in love.

Vora describes the motivation behind writing the song, "I wrote the song about my ex, when I first realized I was about to fall head over heels. I usually never do this, but in a rush of adrenaline I sent her the demo. She told me it was corny and ripped it apart, that should have been red flag number one. Instead of being sad and trashing it, I went ahead and produced it."

After a terrible break up, Tanya almost scrapped the single, but with positive feedback from her friends and fans, she decided to reclaim it by releasing it.

"Dusty symbolizes reclaiming your happiness and ability to love (yourself AND others) after heartbreak."

Vora has had a unique upbringing, she was raised in Muscat, Oman and Changshu, China. Her love of music and performance took her from living rooms at dinner parties to center-stage in the clubs of Shanghai. She started writing songs at 14, after buying a plastic ukulele on the side streets of Bali. Her music eventually evolved from ukulele ballads to pop-soul. She self-produced and self-published her first EP, Headspace in 2017, which solidified her status as the triple threat singer, songwriter, and producer she is today. Her music takes elements of pop, r&b and soul but does not conform to just one genre. She states “Every song touches a different genre.” Her music is her “form of self expression”. Lyrically focused, her songs are personal and vulnerable. As well as touring China, she’s played shows in Toronto and New York, notably at Unruly Collective.

Now based in New York, Tanya is working on her sophomore EP, due this summer, and anchoring her image and brand into the global music scene. She feels she has evolved a lot since Headspace and it is an “intro in [her] next era”. She’s taking the softer, stripped down R&B sound of Headspace and is adding a blend of new influences, instruments and production styles.

In today’s world, music exists without borders. As an artist, Tanya aims to further blur those lines. She represents womxn, the desi diaspora, and the LGBT+ community. Tanya Vora brings light to the blending of identities in today’s intersectional world through music.

Check out Vora's video to her new single "Dusty" below!


Dusty - Tanya Vora (Official Music Video)

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