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Natania releases new single, "Sad"

It's been a busy year for Singer Songwriter, Natania! When she's not in Los Angeles writing her next hit, she's in India continuing to make waves. Natania just released her new single, "Sad," a mid-tempo bop that gives us a clever and alternative way to look at sadness. We had a moment to catch up with Natania during her busy schedule! Check out our Q&A with Natania on her new single, "Sad."

1. What was your inspiration when writing "Sad?"

Sad was inspired by the comfort of the feeling. When we’re really hurt, we love to listen to a good sad song cause it digs in deeper - and that somehow feels good at the same time. I think it reminds us of how much we care about things and how deeply we feel which is so much better than feeling nothing at all.

So it’s like “I love it when you make me sad” because I love that we have something thats so special to hurt this much. John Green has this quote that I love “of course it hurts, it hurts because it mattered.”

2. We love the lyric "happy is so overrated." Can you expand on the line?

Thank you! The idea behind that was I keep on telling myself that being balanced and happy is overrated, I want this toxic push and pull with everything in between so who wants happy, that’s boring. That’s actually a lie which is why we have to keep reminding ourselves “oh no I love the sadness” VERY UNHEALTHY definitely do not recommend for anybody haha!

3. As we round off the year and counting the many Natania releases— was there a particular moment this year that really stood out for you?

I’m so happy that I got to put out so many different projects and songs this year, I think more than any previous years - I’m really proud of everything that went out into the world. One of my favorite moments was getting to do the Spotify India Launch Ad song just because it was so out of my comfort zone and it definitely pushed me and I loved what came out of it. Also Kissing Mouths was a really special one too that I’m really proud of.

4. What has been your favorite release from another artist this year and why? What song did you have on repeat?

There has been so much great music this year that it’s really hard to pick. I will say one of my favorite release’s was the most recent Jp Saxe and Julia Michaels song “If the World Was Ending” It definitely hit me in a huge way, it’s a great song.

A song I had on repeat was “I’m So Tired” by Lauv cause it’s so damn catchy!!! I mean that chorus? Cmon!


Natania - Honey

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