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VEYLEX SPOTLIGHT: NATHAN CHANDRA LAUNCHES RYSE - Video messaging app for musician discovery

We had a chance to chat with musician and tech entrepreneur Nathan Chandra. He tells us about the roller coaster journey he's been on while building RYSE — his exciting new app that helps connect musicians!

Tell us about your new app - RYSE.

RYSE is here to help musicians show off their talents, build valuable relationships, discover other musicians to work with, and to make empowered connections.

RYSE is working to level the playing field by giving musicians of all experience levels the chance to show off their skills to other musicians, their idols, record executives and to the world. Our dedication to helping musicians connect and level up is the driving force as to why we created the RYSE app. It is the reason why we are focused on helping musicians show off their talent and build valuable relationships every single day.

What inspired you to create RYSE?

I’ve been working in music since a teenager and I am inspired to use the knowledge I have gained in both tech and music to help others achieve their dreams. With the landscape of music changing because of advances in technological I decided to create an avenue to help aspiring musicians RYSE up to the next level of their career.

What do you have planned for RYSE over the next few months?

We soft launched RYSE 2 weeks ago and over the next few months we plan to enhance the technology and bring on partners. Being that RYSE is at the forefront of video Callout™ technology we are experiencing a few thousand downloads a month with zero spent on marketing. Our goal between now and the end of the year is to get our organization positioned for a large marketing campaign in Q1/Q2 of 2020. Be on the lookout for this.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced on this entrepreneurial journey and how did you overcome it?

One of my business partners I was working with on RYSE became mentally ill and committed suicide. This was a huge challenge to overcome because we not only had a business relationship, but we had a friendship too. The pressures startup founders experience are extreme and the startup community needs to be sensitive to this. Losing a business partner like this is extremely detrimental and it took RYSE to the brink of failure. But today I am happy to say that we are back with some amazing technology that is going to be of benefit to musicians around the world.

What has been one of your biggest successes you have experienced when building RYSE?

Besides working with so many amazing artists, one of my biggest successes has been Apple supporting RYSE. Apple wrote an article about RYSE and featured it in the Today tab of the Apple App store. This was a big win for our organization because it gave RYSE a stamp of approval from Apple and it helped us create a global community of musicians within the app. The exposure drove over one hundred thousand downloads. You can read the above mentioned article at the link below.

We're excited to see this app grow and help connect all of the talented musicians out there! Be sure to download RYSE from the App store today and check out the article from the Apple App store below!



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