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THEMXXNLIGHT Release, "Need Your Love" / Exclusive Q&A

Our Brothers Luv & Kush from the duo THEMXXNLIGHT are back with their latest release, "Need Your Love." We had the chance to catch up with the guys and do a little Q&A about their new track!

1. What was your inspiration when writing, "Need your Love?"

We wanted to dive deep into the emotions of the listener and capture what it really feels like to be desperate for someone's love and affection. We thought about everything that people could possibly go through when struggling with a relationship and we displayed that in the song to the best of our ability while making it catchy and easily relatable to everyone.

2. What was the biggest challenge during the production of, "Need your Love?"

The biggest challenge during the production process was probably finalizing the perfect mix on the song, but other than that it was a smooth process.

3. Who was the team involved with "Need your Love" and do you have any fun stories you all shared while creating the track, artwork, overall release, etc?

We write and sing everything ourselves so it was us two, Sledgren and Sap who are amazing producers, and our audio engineer Charger. The art was made by Crawler Graphics. After playing the beat when Sledgren sent it to us and from the very first line we recorded on this track, we new it would be a hit and would be our new favorite, the public feedback so far is amazing and we are hoping a Spotify/Apple Music playlist picks it up or something. We really believe in it.


THEMXXNLIGHT - Need Your Love (Official Audio)


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