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Natania is back with her new single “Muscle Memory!” The new track gives us dream pop/tropical feels with an infectious hook perfect for a summer drive! We had a moment to chat with Natania about her new single, motivations for songwriting, and writing in both English and Hindi! Check out our exclusive interview with Natania below!

What was your inspiration when writing "Muscle Memory?"

Muscle Memory was inspired by a moment where it was about 3am and I reached out to call someone I shouldn’t have been calling, and logically I knew that I shouldn’t, but my hands and heart were doing it’s own thing so I thought of the idea of Muscle Memory because for a song it was just a habit that I had built from repetition.

Who did you work with on, "Muscle Memory?" What was your biggest challenge in the studio?

I worked on this song with two very talented guys, Jimmie Gutch and Not Famous. It was such an effortless process to create this song with them! Actually to be honest there were no challenges really with it, we finished most of it the night we wrote it, it just poured out from all of us so easy and the sounds they used like the flute were so inspiring for the writing process!

As an artist, you have been releasing music non-stop! How do you keep yourself motivated? What inspires you as a songwriter?

Ah! I always feel the more you are creating, the more inspired you are. I have a very strong drive and passion for music so it’s easy to stay motivated most days, it’s just tunnel vision for me. I’m constantly inspired by the million emotions I feel on the daily about moments in my life!

You've been recently dropping music in both English and Hindi! What do you feel is the biggest difference when approaching writing for both?

I don’t really write Hindi lyrics, I wish I did and could be that poetic cause I find Hindi lyrics so beautiful! With the Spotify Ad I did it was super easy Hindi lyrics like “chalo” haha so that was just my speaking casual Hindi. Though with the melodies I’ve done for Hindi songs I definitely think there’s a different style that fits the phonetics of the words compared to English stuff! With English stuff I just let it pour out but with Hindi it’s definitely a more thought out process for me that I’m still discovering and enjoying learning.

Check out the "Muscle Memory" lyric video below!


Natania - Muscle Memory

(Official Lyric Video) [ATLAST]

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