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Ananya Birla drops debut EP "Fingerprint"

Ananya Birla drops her much-anticipated debut EP "Fingerprint" via UMG and Island Records UK! Just in time for summer, the four - song set boasts a blend of pop, electro and R&B, showcasing Ananya’s upbeat sound and dynamic vocals.

The EP release marks the culmination of a ground-breaking 12 months for Ananya! The 24 year old has firmly established herself as one of the most striking artists on the international pop scene. Since her debut single in 2016, the multi-platinum singer-songwriter has leapt from low-key gigs around London to hitting over 160M streams. She's performed at some of Asia’s biggest music festivals like Global Citizen and Sunburn, and has been featured on major playlists around the world including Apple’s Best of 2018!

Check out our exclusive Q&A with Ananya below!


What inspired your debut EP "Fingerprint" ?

So Fingerprint is about the journey of being in love, and the huge range of emotions we feel along the way – heartache, elation, jealousy… Each song is a different take on what it is to be in a relationship.

What was your biggest challenge while working on your EP?

I had some serious issues with my wisdom teeth during the recording which made things tricky! But actually, I guess it was selecting songs from a whole bunch of songs that I had poured my heart and soul into. It was my first time putting an EP together, and there was a lot to learn during the process.

Who did you work with on "Fingerprint"?

I was surrounded by such an awesome group of artists making this EP. On ‘Blackout’ I collaborated with two of Nigeria’s biggest rappers, Vector and WurlD. We also had DJ Buddha on board, as well as Angela Hunte – who cowrote one of my favourite ever songs ‘Empire State of Mind’. And, Mood Melodies, who I have worked with loads before and is one of my absolute favourite people to be in the studio with.

do you have any fun moments in the studio you can share with us?

We had so many funny moments making the EP. Jetlag and wisdom teeth issues on my side led to a load of forgetful moments, dodgy decision making, weird food cravings and occasionally falling asleep in the studio. I spent hours deliberating the line “touch my body” with Anders (Mood Melodies), thank god for his patience!

Listen to Ananya's latest single "Love Suicide" below!


Ananya Birla - Love Suicide (Audio)

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