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Vardaan Arora drops new single "january"

Vardaan Arora dropped his new single "january." The song was co-written by one of our favorite South Asian pop artist – Natania and produced by NotFamous.

Vardaan brings us "january" a bright love track that paints a vivid story and makes you move. We had the chance to speak with Vardaan about his new track and live performances! Make sure you listen to "january" below!

What was your inspiration when writing "January"?

I knew going in that I wanted january to sound different from anything I'd released previously, but also still stay consistent with my sound as an artist. It's interesting, because most of my music prior to now had been lyrically darker. I wanted to embrace happiness and write about that for a change. It's definitely a love song, and it's personal because it's quite literally about my boyfriend (I met him in January). I think I'd been wallowing in sadness for a bit, which is a natural thing to do when you're going through a rough time, but I've been working harder to get out of that, and I wanted it reflected in my art. The bright, airy, feel-good nature of january really breathes fresh air into my catalogue, I think. I'm super happy about it.

What was is it like coming to LA to work on the track with fellow South Asian pop artist Natania and her producing partner NotFamous?

I was super nervous! I'd never co-written with anyone before, so I didn't know what to expect. Natania is incredible and super talented of course, but it was especially cool to work with someone who's also from India. It's a different world altogether, you know? And you don't see a lot of people from that world out here pursuing their dreams like this. Also, as I mentioned earlier, I wanted a certain freshness to this song - both lyrically and sonically, and working with another writer really helped achieve that. Natania connected me with Matt (NotFamous), and I can't begin to explain how much I loved working with him as well. He's a bit of a genius for sure. When you're all on the same page and are speaking the same language, it's like magic. It doesn't always happen like that, so I feel lucky.

You've had some shows in New York and an upcoming show in LA, what's your favorite aspect about performing live?

I actually went to college for theatre, and I feel like performing is just in my blood at this point. The adrenaline is the biggest rush for me. The energy from the audience in the room takes me to the next level. I can hit notes I never thought I'd be able to hit, and I get out of my own head. I performed my first New York show last week, and to see all these people in the crowd...knowing the words to my music. It was surreal. I remember stressing out about ticket sales, getting ready to perform for like 10 people...but to see a packed room. It really made my heart full. Hopefully the LA show goes just as well! Really excited about it.

LA folks be sure to catch Vardaan at his show next month! Take a listen to "january" below!



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