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Karan Brar Joins the Cast of Interactive Series "Epic Night"

Karan Brar joins the cast of "Epic Night" from the interactive video company Eko!

In “Epic Night,” Jacob Latimore plays Martin, the “viewer-playable” character, on his last night of college as he faces a balancing act of love and friendship in interactions with his long-time crush Jess (Jessica Sula) and best friend Lillis (Karan Brar).

The series is a total of 120 minutes of content, so viewers will be able to rewatch “Epic Night” multiple times and get a completely different story much like Netflix's "Bandersnatch." The show will present a user decision point every 60-90 seconds, usually between two options, with more than 3,000 different possible permutations, said Benny Fine, co-founder of FBE (previously known as Fine Brothers Entertainment) and an executive producer on the show.

“Epic Night” is directed by Andrew Rhymer (“Plus One,” “Pen15”) and written by Scarlet Bermingham and Sierra Katow. The series is executive produced by FBE’s Benny and Rafi Fine; producers are JP Quicquaro (“Adam Ruins Everything,” “Plus One”) and Lisa Steen (“Sundowners,” “Stepdaddy”).

The series began filming March 26th in Los Angeles and is expected to wrap later this month. All four episodes of will be 7-10 minutes long depending on choices viewers make in the story. The show will premiere on Eko’s free, ad-supported HelloEko streaming video site and app in the fall of 2019.

We're looking forward to checking out this interactive series in the fall and are always happy to see our brother on screen!


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