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Geraldine Viswanathan stars in TBS "Miracle Workers" / Q&A

We had the opportunity to chat with the talented young star — Geraldine Viswanathan about her new comedy series for TBS, "Miracle Workers." The hilarious comedy is a limited series also starring Steve Buscemi, Daniel Radcliffe, and Karan Soni. The characters are tasked to run earth from "Heaven Inc." which has basically been neglected by God. Viswanathan gives us a little insight to her character and working with her awesome cast!

The Show

Can you tell us about your character and the premise of the show?

The concept of the show is all based in heaven, but it's heaven as a corporation and Steve is playing God/The CEO. He's having a mid life crisis, earth is a mess, and they're not doing a good job of managing it.

My character Eliza is a total badass who really believes she can change the world. She's very driven and energized by wanting to better the earth. She's been working her ass off for like 10,000 years and gets promoted to the department of unanswered prayers. It's basically a total dream come true. It's where she feels like she belongs and she has all these skills, but isn't being recognized for it. She joins the department and meets Daniel's character Craig and he's the only person that works there and she's kind of disillusioned by that fact. Billions of prayers come in everyday, but he's only been answering like 3 or 4 a day. While trying to answer a prayer she ends up accidentally causing more damage and in order to fix it — she goes to God and says, the earth is a mess, you need to do something and inadvertently inspires him to destroy earth. He's like "it's cancelled," but she's like not having that. Eliza goes to God and makes a bet and says, if she can answer one of the impossible prayers that in return he'll spare earth. From there, our entire story begins to unfold and it's a lot of fun!

Working with the Cast

So Daniel radcliffe is probably one of the most recognizable people on the plaNET, Did you watch Harry Potter Growing up?

Honestly not really? I remember going to the movie theater to watch it when I was really little and I ended up leaving because I was too scared. There was a scene where this troll shows up and a character puts a wand up his nose and I was all, "I'm out." I did read a couple of the books and they were amazing. Obviously, Daniel is an icon and I was just blown away by how lovely, normal, grounded and smart he is. He's unbelievable. Steve as well, they're both wonderful people and amazing to work with.

How is it working with fellow south-asian badass, Karan SonI?

Oh my god the best! He's one of the funniest people I know. Karan is so unbelievably talented and he's one of those people who no matter what project he's in, will become the most memorable part of the project — just completely steals the show!

Watch the first full episode of "Miracle Workers" below steaming on Youtube!


Miracle Workers: Watch the Full Episode Now | TBS

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