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Queen Natania just keeps pumping out the bops! Last time we heard from her, she released her music video for "Yellow Lights," which was on rotation with VH1! Now she's back— this time with the talented "Not Famous" for their duet "Kissing Mouths!" We had the opportunity to talk to the duo on their latest release and premiere the new single KISSING MOUTHS!


1. How did the collaboration with Not Famous come to fruition?

Natania: I love working with him! He produced my last single “Yellow Lights” and we had been wanting to collaborate on a song for a while and this felt like the perfect one.

Not Famous: Natania is my bff and I'm lucky enough to be able to work with her often. She came to my studio one afternoon with part of "Kissing Mouths" already written, wanting to finish it with me. After making some tweaks, we realized that the song could be an awesome duet and decided to give it a shot, which is how we landed on the version we ended up releasing!

2. What was your inspiration when writing "Kissing Mouths"?

Natania: I was trying to get over someone and tried going on a couple of dates but I just kept failing at getting over the situation and started writing this song! (Thanks for a the inspiration!x)

Not Famous: "Kissing Mouths" is about trying to get over someone you love and realizing that you just aren't ready to move on quite yet. It was easy for me to draw inspiration from my life for this song by thinking back to times where I have attempted to get over someone with alcohol or other people, only to find that I'm not ready to be done with that person.

2. What was the process like working on the song as a duet?

It was so great, I remember playing the idea I had to him and he just flipped something around and sang it to me and it sounded so good, I’m obsessed with his voice. I knew we had to do this together. We actually recorded the vocals that first day so every time I listen to it, I really hear that emotion in our voices and it takes me back to that feeling!

Not Famous: When Natania came with the idea for the song, she had her verse completely written, as well as parts of the chorus. We finished the chorus together, wrote the pre chorus, and then Natania helped me write my verse by exploring how I've coped with heartbreak in my past. We thought it would be cool to start my verse by putting a spin on the title and ended up with the lyric "I've been kissing bottles ever since you left". Once we wrote that, the rest of the verse came pouring out.

4. What was the biggest challenge you had while in production with "Kissing Mouths"?

Natania : We went through 2 different styles of production for this one! But we kept most of the original one cause it was so special

Not Famous: While producing Kissing Mouths, my biggest challenge was accepting that a lot of the production we did in the first day was strong enough for the finished record. I have a tendency to overthink my production, and with Kissing Mouths there was even a day where I scrapped everything and made a version that was completely centered around acoustic guitar. It wasn't until then that Natania and I realized the original sounds were the way the song was meant to be heard. We even ended up using the vocals recorded the day of writing!

5. What is a message you want to tell your fans?

Natania: Thank you for listening! I think all an artist wants is to connect with an audience and I hope this song connects with you in a way it does for me every time I listen to it!

Not Famous: Wow, I have fans?! If you like what you're hearing be sure to stick around! I have so much music that I want to share with the world and I'm so excited for everyone to hear it. And be prepared for more Natania x Not Famous in the future!

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