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Aparna Nancherla on hit Comedy Central show "Corporate"

We can't get enough of Aparna Nancherla's dry and existential humor! We caught her at a stand up show last year and laughed through her entire set! Last year was a big year for the comedian with a Netflix special and a role in Paul Feig's film "A Simple Favor." You can currently catch Aparna on the hit Comedy Central show "Corporate" where she plays Grace a belabored HR representative. "Corporate" airs Tuesdays 10:30/9:30.

We're looking forward to seeing more content from Aparna this year! Check out clips below of Aparna talking about her experience working on "Corporate."


What Drew Aparna Nancherla To "Corporate"

Aparna Nancherla and Anne Dudek

on coming back to "Corporate"

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