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"The Get Brown" / Final show at UCB! -Q&A

Last year, The Get Brown paved the way as the first South-Asian team to have a residency at the world famous Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre (UCB). The show spoke to an audience that was under represented and it clearly paid off as every show was sold out! We're coming up on the 10th and final show (January 31st, 8pm at UCB Franklin) for the group and we wanted to get an update on how their run went!

1. The Get Brown was the first South-Asian sketch comedy show to have a residency at UCB— How does it feel to now have 9 sold out shows?

It feels pretty amazing! We’re so grateful to have had this opportunity and for all the people who came out. As our run went on, we saw that a good amount of people were coming to see the show multiple times. There were also people who probably saw the show once and vowed to never see it again and honestly that feels like a hate crime.

2. Has the show and cast evolved since the beginning? What was your biggest take away?

The show has evolved a bit throughout our run as we tried new jokes and approaches. As comedians it’s important (and just more fun) to keep things fresh, so we’re always throwing out new ideas. The original six cast members have have not changed, but when Skander was hired to write for Murphy Brown in NYC we were fortunate to have a few stand-ins who were terrific and excited to be a part what we’re doing. It’s been very cool to see how much support we’ve got from audiences and collaborators this past year. We created a show that was very specific to the South-Asian experience and true to our comedic voices, so it’s really encouraging to know we can be successful without catering our comedy to accommodate our non-brown audiences.

3. Was there a standout moment during the run for you guys?

There was a show at the Franklin theater where the audience was electric. The theatre was packed and we could literally reach out and touch people from the stage. People were vocally responding to the performance and it felt like they were part of the show. That night we got a standing ovation.

4. What can we expect next from the Get Brown?

We’ve got some very cool projects in the pipeline. We are writing a ton and we have filmed some of our sketches which are currently in post, almost ready to share. Our last live show of this run is January 31st, 8pm at UCB Franklin.

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