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Natania releases video for "Yellow Lights"

Back In October singer-songwriter Natania released her single, "Yellow Lights." The track is an instant hit, with a hook that is sure to get stuck in your head! The single has been slowly building traction. "Yellow Lights," has currently passed 500K plays on Spotify, is getting radio play and the video is on rotation on VH1 overseas.

Natania just released her music video for, "Yellow Lights" and we had the opportunity to chat with her about the production and what the video means to her!

What was your inspiration for the treatment of the "Yellow Lights" music video?

The video is all about taking back control and showing how much power we have in our choices. We’ve all been in situations where we’ve seen too many yellow lights indicators. Negotiations, people in power positions, a boy sending mixed signals, career choices etc. You want to just go but something is stopping you. The director Melanie D’Andrea had an idea to really highlight it and go all the way. She was inspired by how traffic lights are a striking metaphor to systems around us; whether patriarchal, societal or more simply, the structures we create in our personal love and relationships. As women, we are trained and mandated to be passive, to wait and follow what the lights tell us to do.

We wanted to instead see a world where, regardless of what the lights are telling them to do, women become active and take command and break any yellow lights that came our way.

What was the biggest challenge you faced while filming "Yellow Lights?"

I think the biggest challenge was fear! I was so nervous and so scared over the years to do a music video for my songs, I kept making excuses, creative decisions, fear based reasons for past projects for not doing one and this time I forced myself out of my fear and just did it, and it was truly one of the best experiences of my life. I think if you’re scared about doing anything you should push past it cause great things can happen!

What is your favorite part of your music video?

The feeling I get when I watch it, it feels so empowering and liberating for so many different reasons - I hope it makes you feel that way as well or however you interpret it.

We saw that "Yellow Lights" will be on rotation on VH1! How do you feel about breaking onto such a large platform?

Ah!! I’m so excited about it, I actually caught it this morning and it was so surreal. I’m so thankful that people are being so supportive, as an artist the goal is for as many people to hear your music as possible so I’m so glad that platforms like VH1 and yours help me to do that.


Natania - Yellow Lights (Official Video)

Instagram : @nataniamusic

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