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This month's music spotlight is Adil Omar! This multitalented artist is a rapper, record producer, singer-songwriter and director making moves from Islamabad, Pakistan. He recently released his debut self-produced 10 song visual album - Transcendence. He has dope visuals and a very solid aesthetic.

In addition to his solo music, Omar is also part of a duo along with Talal Qureshi called SNKM (an abbreviation for Sonic Nocturnal Kinetic Movement). They've performed at SXSW and toured with Diplo, Major Lazer, Skrillex, and Valentino Khan over the past two years. We got a chance to ask Omar questions about his journey in music and the creation of Transcendence.


When did you know you wanted a career in music?

Since I was 8 years old.

What inspires your art?

I look inwards to my own feelings and experiences. I channel my own consciousness. I don't look outwards much.

What was the process like creating "Transcendence" (the album and film)?

Transcendence is my story, told from where I was between 2015 - 2017 and all I transcended to get here.

What is your dream collaboration?

There are a few, but Fiona Apple comes to mind right now.

What can we expect next from Adil?

My next album - Mastery.

What are your favorite accounts to follow on Instagram?

I only have social media for the convenience of music.

I don't like to spend time on it otherwise.


We're loving all of the content Omar is putting out and are looking forward to the release of his second album Mastery next year. Check out Omar's visual album for Transcendence below!

Adil's Socials:

Instagram: @adil_omar

Twitter: @adil_omar

Facebook: @adilomarmusic

YouTube: Adil Omar



Adil Omar - Transcendence (Full Length)

Adil Omar - We Need to Talk About Adil

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