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Riz Ahmed on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Riz Ahmed was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. He talks about his new solo music with his single Mogambo releasing next week, his trip to Pakistan this past summer and next week's release of his much anticipated film Venom.

We're really excited to hear his new music and love that his first single is called Mogambo! The nostalgia hit hard when he revealed the title on his Instagram yesterday. We're wondering if his new song will feature a sample of the iconic line, "Mogambo khush hua" from the classic Bollywood film Mr. India. Can't wait to hear it along with the rest of the album next week!

Not only are we getting new music, but we're getting to see this talented cutie on the big screen next week too, in Venom! We've been waiting for this film to come out and cannot contain our excitement to see a South Asian lead in a Marvel super hero film! We're so happy our young Desi brothers and sisters get to grow up seeing themselves on the big screen!

Looking forward to a week full of Riz Ahmed! Check out clips below of his interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live and the official trailer for Venom.


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VENOM - Official Trailer (HD)

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