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Naomi Scott Releases "So Low/Undercover"

Naomi Scott dropped 2 new singles this month - So Low and Undercover! Most folks may be surprised by her music career since she's primarily known as an actress - starring as the Pink Ranger in last year's hit movie Power Rangers and landing the coveted role of Disney's Princess Jasmine in the upcoming live action Aladdin film. Scott's actually been consistently putting out music for the past 5 years and had her first solo tour across the UK last month!


Scott recently talked with online publication PETRIe about her music career.

"I think what a lot of people don't know about me is that music is where it all started. Music is my first love, what inspires me and ultimately what I feel like I'm meant to be doing. But timing is everything. The last few years have just been a journey towards finding my voice musically and being able to do that on my own terms. I've learnt to be patient and see that as a blessing, rather than wanting a quick fix by jumping on whatever is hot at one particular moment. I'm so excited for this new music coming because I feel it's my time to put my stake in the ground and say: “I'm here to stay.”

Check out So Low and Undercover below!


Naomi Scott - So Low

Naomi Scott - Undercover

Photography: Nadine Ijewere from PETRIe 68 'Not Your Savage' cover story

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