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Natania releases new single, "Talking"

Just when we here at VEYLEX started asking ourselves when we were going to start seeing more desi woman in music- BOOM! Natania releases her new track "Talking!" The track is a fun pop bop that's catchy af and WILL get stuck in your head. We had a moment to chat with Natania about the inspiration of the track and process of recording!

1. What was your inspiration when writing "Talking?"

Talking came from a place of talking myself out of wanting someone (which never works haha). I was having a conversation with a friend and was saying that I was over that person and she was yelling at me because I would always say that and I said well, maybe I'm just talking myself out of him, and the song was born! I actually had a lot of the lyrics separately for different songs on my phone and they all fit together when I was writing it.

2. What was the process like working on the song?

I wrote most of the idea on guitar that night. I went into the studio with this amazing producer, Hao Wang. He started playing that really cool bass sound and we finished the whole thing that day. We were supposed to replace the demo vocals on the song but I was so emotionally invested that day that we loved it and just kept what we had!

3. What can we expect next from you?

I have a ton of new music coming out this year as an artist and as a writer and I'm so excited to keep sharing it with you!


Natania - Talking (Official Lyric Video)

Follow Natania on Instagram: @NataniaMusic

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