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RWNL x PWNL release, "Fob's Plan"

RWNL PWNL is back again with another hilarious parody. This time the group flipped the script on Drake's, "God's Plan" into "Fob's Plan." The song features, Farosty x Dawid leading the vocals with relatable subject matter for desi's everywhere. The song tackles the issue of societal pressures many desi parents place on their children.

Farosty took to Instagram to write,

"There is nothing wrong with being a doctor, lawyer or engineer. They are extremely admirable careers and I have plenty of talented and hardworking family/friends in those fields. However, if there is something else you are fiery passionate about and someone else is preventing you from doing that just so you can have a status and income that benefits them, there is an issue."

Check out PWNL x PWNL's "Fob's Plan" below!


FOB'S PLAN (Drake - God's Plan Parody) - Farosty x Dawid | RwnlPwnl

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