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Sachin Bhatt's "Monogamish" gets festival release dates

Sachin Bhatt releases a new trailer for his film MONOGAMISH! Bhatt's no stranger stage/tv/film. He played the lead (Akaash) in the first National Tour of Bombay Dreams, he's had guest spots on How I Met Your Mother, Two Broke Girls, Superior Donuts and even had 3 national commercials air this year. Bhatt not only stars in MONOGAMISH, but also wrote the film!

"MONOGAMISH follows Sagar and Nishi, a sexually fluid, Indian pair who are not in a "typical" relationship. Although the intimacy and connection they have is undeniable, they are not partners and they are not cheating. Sagar is already in a committed relationship and all three parties are aware. Monogamish explores the dynamics and strength of these two non-traditional couples, where agreements are made and boundaries are challenged.

Why can't we have an intimate, mature relationship with someone who isn't our partner? Are we conditioned by society and social norms? Are we not allowing ourselves to be open, vulnerable and honest with our feelings? Monogamish explores having a relationship outside of monogamy. Looking at relationships as vectors, not boxes and discovering where the limits are for each individual. Human interactions are never black and white. There are many ways to connect with one another. Whether it's physically, emotionally, intellectually, sexually — these experiences exist and it's important that these stories are told. Mainstream television and film are often reluctant to depict non-traditional relationships be they interracial, polyamorous, transgender, culturally offensive or dealing with non-normative sexual identities. Younger generations are more and more open to sexual attraction across gender lines and relationship dynamics that defy tradition."

We absolutely love all of the themes this film explores. It's refreshing to see two Indian leads in roles we aren't used to traditionally seeing. A big shout out to Sachin for writing a progressive script and for the diversity in casting!

The film will be premiering at two film festivals this Spring and many more to come! Newport Beach Film Festival - April 27, 2018 and New York Indian Film Festival May 9, 2018.


Check out the trailer at the link below

check out the Kickstarter Trailer below


Written by Sachin Bhatt - @nardeepthought Directed by Nardeep Khurmi Produced by Stephanie O'Neill

STARRING: Nishi Munshi - @the_real_nishi Evan Todd - @evantoddhere Sachin Bhatt - @sachinbhatt

Director of Photography by Chris Low Camera Assistant by Laura D'Antoni Production Design by Aidan FioRito Sound Design and Composition by Robin Arenson Sound by Jordan Booth Hair/Makeup by Kate Frey Production Assistant Denzil J. Meyers Associate Producer Kenric Taylor

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