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Arshad releases new track, "Charli XCX"

Musician/Actor, Arshad just released his new track and video for, "Charli XCX." Arshad takes us on a fashion based journey all over Los Angeles. The high energy pop song is lyrically about a fictionalized narrative from a heartbreak caused by UK singer, "Charli XCX."

Arshad took to social media writing, "I always wanted to write a song with someone's name (Billy Jean, Diana, Steven, Caroline etc.). I wanted a unisex name and I ended up with Charlie! Then I realized how dope it would be if I wrote a song about the genius that is Charli XCX! I'm a genuine fan of Charli's and I believe she will go down in history as one of the greatest song writers of our generation! "She's so fly and fucking cool!"

The track has a strong banging on the bleachers-John Hughes- 80s soundtrack feel with a hint of Indian tubla. Arshad uses minimal CGI to drive the video along and we even get an appearance by the Pokemon, Charmander! The video is tied together with an 80s/90s punk element which reflects the song's tone and aesthetic. Check out Arshad's fun new video Charli XCX below!



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