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Holi with Ranveer & Pharrell in Mumbai!!!

Ranveer Singh hosted a Holi bash in Mumbai today with special guest (singer/songwriter/producer/designer) - Pharrell Williams!!! Ranveer and Pharrell talked about the festival, music and Bollywood.

Earlier today a source reported, “Yes, it’ll be a big Holi party. Pharrell is coming down to India to launch his new clothing line that is inspired by the festival of colors. Since Pharrell and Ranveer are the brand ambassadors for Adidas, the idea was to bring the two stars together. And since Pharrell will be in the city on the day of Holi, what could be better than bringing Ranveer, him and Holi together?”

Pharrell Williams said, “Holi is not just about colours, it’s a vivid celebration of happiness. You know, a light wave can also be interpreted as a sound wave. So when you guys are spreading colours, they are essentially physical sounds… it’s like singing to each other. That’s a beautiful notion.”


check out Photos from the Holi Bash

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