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Farosty and Shimmer of 'RwnlPwnl' on the Rise!

If you're looking for brown creators that literally have their hands on every media avenue - Look no further! Faras Aamir (Farosty) and Shah-Ameer Wali (Shimmer) are the hilarious and talented duo behind RwnlPwnl - a cultural comedy channel on YouTube. Just a month ago they dropped their viral hit video, Paki Gang - a comedy parody on Lil Pump's song Gucci Gang. Once they finished making Paki Gang they knew it was going to be well received, but had no idea it would take off the way it did. With the release of this video their YouTube subscribers grew from 3,000 to 10,000+!

After 20 minutes of laughter and fun banter trying to make the choppy wifi situation work we finally got a chance to talk to the guys. From the very first few minutes of talking to the them we knew how dedicated and driven they were about creating content and honing in on their craft. Both Faras and Shah-Ameer have had their own individual channels for some time now, but a little over two years ago, family and mutual friends in their community in Baltimore urged the two of them to meet up. They met and as Faras puts it, “we clicked on everything.” Soon after Shah-Ameer started joining Faras on stage for performances.

After joining forces they eventually started making music together and have now performed over 20 shows across the country. You can catch their original songs, parodies, skits and social commentary (Brown Code) videos on their RwnlPwnl YouTube channel.


Aside from all of the YouTube content, they have a weekly podcast called Strange Falvors that they co-host with their friend Amber Khan. They describe their podcast as a, "platform to listen and learn from "strangers" in hopes to educate or challenge listeners to restructure their viewpoints of other people's opinions, cultures, and/or ways of living."

Some of their current inspirations are Childish Gambino and Chance the Rapper. They're both are

"inspired by how these artists are doing it on their own and there's no label telling them what to do or how to do it. Everything else they do along with the music- it's not only about the music it's also about just channeling their creativity through different artistic mediums like Donald Glover has his t.v. show, Atlanta."

The duo are following in their inspiration's footsteps and started Alif Theory - the umbrella company that houses all of their media platforms. Everything from their music, social commentary videos, fashion line and podcast. They describe Alif Theory as, "a revolutionary media brand that is both created by and presented to vibrant minds who are unafraid to start. With these intentions, our theory quite literally begins with the first letter of the Arabic alphabet, also know as Alif. This name proudly ties together our cultural roots with the idea of starting something from the beginning."

"At Alif Theory, we believe in creating our own opportunities using the resources that are available in order to build a vision in its entirety. We trust in utilizing every drop of talent and passion to ensure we make strong connections with those that believe in our work. We often hear that a change in location, circumstances, or resources will help someone start on their dreams, but we don’t believe it matters where or what you come from, but rather what you do while you’re there."

We had the best time chatting with these guys and we're excited to see how their stories play out as they progress with each of their platforms!









Check out their viral hit

Paki Gang

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