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Neelam Gill graces the cover of ELLE

Neelam Gill killing it on the cover of Elle UK in head to toe Balmain!!! We are so proud and happy for our sister! Check out her heartfelt and highly relatable IG post below.

"WOW 😭💥🔝 STARTING 2018 WITH A BANG!!! thank you so much @elleukfor putting me on the cover of the February issue & thank you to my amazing agency for making this happen @nextmodelslondon 🤘🏾 growing up I would have felt much more comfortable in my skin if I saw more people in the media who I could relate to/looked like me, so support a brown girlie & BUY A COPY! representation is so so SO important."

We couldn't agree with Neelam more! Representation is so crucial!!! There is no doubt we would have had more confidence in ourselves growing up had we seen familiar images like this in media. This is a step in the right direction! Neelam is a powerful trailblazer for our community! So get out there and support her!

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