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Time Out Magazine names Ramy Youssef one of L.A. comedians to watch in 2018

For those of you who don't know who Ramy Youssef is... you're about to be introduced to the next big comedian of 2018. Ramy recently filmed his "Unitlted Pilot" with Hulu and is bringing much needed representation for Arab-Americans to the forefront. "You mean he won't be playing a brown terrorist?" That's right kids, he'll be playing a real Muslim-American dealing with normal everyday life. All we gotta say is, "It's about damn time!"

Ramy was just named one of Time Out Magazine's "Comedian's to watch in 2018" and we couldn't agree more! Check out the excerpt below:

Ramy Youssef

Youssef’s comedy is about much more than his Muslim American experience. But it is his iconoclastic honesty on that topic that landed him a pilot order at Hulu. Meanwhile, his work as a comedic writer competes with a budding acting career (catch him on the upcoming season of Mr. Robot).

Funniest thing about L.A., according to Youssef: “I watched Entourage in high school, so when I moved to L.A. a small part of me thought I’d randomly see Jeremy Piven everywhere... and I do.”

Youssef performs at the Laugh Factory on Feb 5 at 10pm.


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