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Vardaan Arora releases remix for Feel Good Song

We first got wind of Vardaan when the original release of "Feel Good Song" found a place all over pop music blogs last year. We were wondering what the handsome New Delhi native was up to? Well, he just released a remix of Feel Good Song and we love it. One thing we in need in the western market is desi men with sex appeal. Vardaan is definite representation our community needs.

Aside from music Vardaan is an actor most recently seen in NBC's Blind Spot and Netflix's Gypsy. We're looking forward to see what Vardaan has in store for us. Check out "Feel Good Song (Remix) below!

BIO: Born in New Delhi, Vardaan was exposed to a lot of Bollywood music growing up. He feels this entirely different genre has helped him to explore certain melodies and develop an ear for sounds that may seem unusual to a lot of people, but end up working incredibly well. Now residing in New York, Vardaan has cited living among people from so many different backgrounds as having helped him to be able to write genuine human experiences that people from all walks of life can relate to.


Vardaan Arora - Feel Good Song (Extra Feel Good Remix)

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