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Stephen Loveridge's "Meet M.I.A." gets Sundance release date

Director Steve Loveridge, who lead the project back in 2012, quit the film after conflicts with Roc Nation. He eventually took to his personal blog to leak the trailer and e-mails from Roc Nation. Cut to today- after years of battling it out, "Meet M.I.A." was announced as a Sundance 2018 selection. The film has been described as, “authentic, unfiltered, and kind of inspiring.” The movie includes home video footage and other personal background information about M.I.A.’s evolution that may bring a whole new context to her career. Meet M.I.A. has been described as "Amy" without the tragic end. M.I.A. was one of the first South Asian representatives and has dealt with immense controversy in the past, which makes this film that much more exciting. We're looking forward to watch this Documentary!

M.I.A. - P.O.W.A

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