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Exclusive: Interview with Stranger Things 2 star Linnea Berthelsen

As many you may have noticed watching the opening of Stranger Things 2 that there was a badass female that stole the scene. Denmark native, Linnea Berthelsen shined on screen as a new addition to the series as, Kali Prasad. We wanted to get to know Linnea a little more and had the opportunity to do a little Q&A with the rising star! Check out the VEYLEX exclusive with Linnea Berthelsen as she dishes on her favorite music, on screen inspiration and her character Kali on Stranger Things!

1. Seeing your character Kali in the opening of Stranger Things Season 2 was a huge win for representation. How has the reception been for you personally from your fans of color? Extremely positive. It was something I didnt think about as much before the show came out and its amazing and very touching to see the responses. I got messages from little girls who said that they now had a female hero who looked like them. It was all very touching.

2. Your character Kali shares the same name and characteristics of Hindu goddess "Kali" (destroyer of evil forces). Was this connection something that was discussed before filming?

Yes, we discussed it, and it's definitely a reference. I did a study on the Hindu Gods before shooting, and I really like the connection - I think its such a powerful name for a character. 3. Who is your biggest inspiration on screen? I have a lot to be honest.. I love watching other actors. Just to name a few - Marion Cotillard, Heath Ledger, Carey Mulligan, Cillian Murphy, Camille Cottin.... 4. How did your family react when you told them you wanted to pursue art/acting?

They were extremely supportive. My dad has helped lot with my auditions and texts and they have tried to guide and help me as much as they could. They are not actors, or anything alike, which I think has been really interesting and healthy for me. 5. Who are the top 3 people you like following on social media and why?

Leonardo DiCaprio. His contribution to the fight against climate change is something I admire so much and I LOVE being reminded of it every day. I used to backpack alot - in Australia for instance, and I got to dive and see parts of the Great Barrier reef that may soon be gone. It is something I truly care about and I just adore his work both as an actor and environmentalist. Zoe Kravitz - what a goddess!. She is making some really inspiring choices for her career at the moment and I think she is absolutely gorgeous. Ewan McGregor - He is doing incredible humanitarian work, as well as very interesting film projects and is one of my childhood heroes.

6. Who was your celebrity crush growing up?

Leonardo DiCaprio, Roberth Pattinson. 7. What music are you currently listening to? Do you have any artist recommendations for VEYLEX readers? I am listening to a lot of Ed Sheeran - I LOVE his recent album. I love Florence + The Machine, Of Monsters and Men, Sam Smith, FKA Twigs, The Beatles. .. 8. Season 3 of Stranger Things will be clouded in secrecy until it premieres. Given that no one has any information - if Kali does in fact return, how would you personally like to see her grow? IF she is coming back, I think there is a lot about her background that would be interesting to dig into, and also she would have such interesting dynamics with the other characters on the show. It would be cool to see her learn from other people. 9. We here at VEYLEX love fashion. How would you describe your style and do you have any favorite designers? My own style is very laid back and scandinavian I think. Very minimalistic and a lot of grey, beige, and black clothes for my every day looks. My favorite scandinavian designers are Stine Goya, BY MALENE BIRGER and Ganni. I recently got to explore designers like Chloe, Valentino, and Armani and I absolutely love exploring fashion, and learned alot from working with my stylists for outfits. 10. Kali is such an inspirational badass. Who are some badass women you look up to? Emma Thompson, Emma Stone, Amaal Clooney, and my mom - my favorite hero.


Instagram: @linneaberthelsen

Twitter: @linnea_bert

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