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Devanshi Patel's "Make Divya Great Again" finds a home at The CW

Alright guys! Looks like we're getting our second desi female fronted TV Comedy. The CW is currently developing "Make Divya Great Again", written and created by Devanshi Patel. We totally lurked her Facebook page where she writes, "I'm not making America great again, but CBS and CW are helping me Make Divya Great Again!" Hollywood has been slowly embracing South-Asian leads with Mindy, Aziz, and Priyanka carrying entire shows. We're looking forward to having another brown person on network TV.

"Make Divya Great Again centers on an Indian-American woman, who under tremendous pressure from her traditional parents, bails on her arranged marriage and invents a perfect Indian boyfriend. She then sets in motion an absurd and poignant series of events that derail her life, all while she is trying to clear her name in the darkly comic accidental death of her ex-fiance." -Deadline

If Divya is being forced into an arranged marriage, she'll likely be in her early 20s. So who could play Divya? Comedian Fizaa Dosani? Bollywood/British cross over, Amy Jackson? Perhaps Tiya Sircar (depending on if ABC's Alex Inc. gets a full order). We're assuming her "Perfect Indian Boyfriend" will manifest. Maybe actor/musician Arshad Aslam? or comedian Hasan Minhaj? Whoever cast, we're excited to see more stories about brown people!

Who do you think would make a good choice for Divya? Tweet us your selections @Veylex

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