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Deepica Mutyala's Wonder Woman Halloween Cosplay is Everything

Female empowerment in the South-Asian community is slowly growing with actresses like Kangana Ranaut speaking out about in justices toward woman not only in the industry but in daily life. As more and more brown creators are being given a platform to speak, we're noticing a strong shift in conversation. One talent in particular, Deepica Mutyala decided to take the opportunity to tackle the discussion of mental health and feelings of depression and anxiety. Inspired after watching Wonder Woman, Mutyala decided to create the hastag, "#BeYourOwnHero" on social media. A movement to express that individuals should not have any limits. We're excited to see so many South-Asian woman speaking out about what's important to them. Check out Deepica's video and full statement below.



"My objective when I did #BEYOUROWNPRINCESS was more to share an important message and less to put out tutorials for Halloween looks. Yes, the makeup, hair and transformation parts of this process were so amazing, I won’t lie! BUT, the larger picture was to get a point across that you can be whoever you want for Halloween and not feel any limits. When I was speaking to @kateewok (who also worked with me on #BEYOUROWNPRINCESS) we wanted to do a similar project this year with just as strong of a theme. I took to IG to ask ya’ll what you wanted to see from me and thus, #BEYOUROWNHERO was born! It was perfect because I was super inspired by the film Wonder Woman that came out earlier this year and everything her character stands for in it. She is strong, fierce and brave (not to mention smoking hot!) and I love the message she sends to little girls around the world. I didn’t mention this in my BTS video but I wish I did - I wanted to make a positive transformation video because I think the world needs it right now, but the reality is I also needed it personally. In May I moved home after going through levels of depression/anxiety. I moved from NYC to LA for a fresh start, new energy, & positive vibes. I owe that to myself. I don’t know if it’s my cultural background but I feel like I’ve been taught to not talk about this, but that really has to change. I don’t know what I was more afraid of - people thinking I was lying about feeling depressed as an excuse or admitting to myself that I was. Either way, I realized It’s okay to take care of yourself - mental health can’t be ignored. I felt so inspired after watching Wonder Woman. She’s a badass. She’s fearless, independent, but she’s also compassionate and giving. We as women need to remember we can be all of this too. We don’t need to stick to just one bucket and be defined as that. Be you for YOU. I say this looking into a mirror honestly. I’m pretty confident in my skin but we all are human and have our days. Be Your Own Hero was made for my followers but also for personal healing and a reminder to myself. Everyone has a little Wonder Woman in them - use that to create what works for YOU! She doesn’t necessarily need a cape or cuffs - my personal Wonder Woman wears a sari and bangles and they do the job just as well ;) So, here you have it, MY very own Wonder Woman vision-come-to-life! Just because you don’t see a hero (or any character) that looks like you out there, doesn’t mean you can’t be them. This Halloween, find parts of your identity, your culture, your personality and fuse them with anything YOU want to be - make it your own xo I would not have been able to do any of this without my wonderful team- a HUGE thanks to the following people for making this happen"

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