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RADICHE and Lessa present Beauty Sleep in NYC

Calling all NYC locals, Radhika Mehta and Alysha Malik's company RADICHE will be hosting the event, "Beauty Sleep" November 2nd. The night will be filled with beauty-chatting, mattress-testing, chocolate-tasting, and product give-aways! Leesa Sleep is bringing industry experts, influencers and entrepreneurs together to discuss the perks of good sleep, future trends in overall wellness and the role of digital media and technology in redefining the beauty space.

Limited tickets are available so don't hesitate to check out the event. Let's not forget, we spend a third of our life sleeping. Take advantage to hearing from top influencers and get yourself some "Beauty Sleep"!


Panel: Stephanie Kim, Founder of Moonlit Skincare Neal Thakkar, Founder of Filtered Formulas Christopher Merkle, Founder of MIME Jess Triber, Director of Marketing at TULA Natalie Cahill, Senior Manager, Makeup Marketing at Christian Dior Parfums

RIDICHE Founders Alysha Malik and Radhika Mehta


RADICHE is an online community inspiring the next wave of entrepreneurs. We feature start-up stories from your best friend's point of view, connect brands for partnerships and host curated events to bring the online world into cool, physical spaces. Looking for your next co-founder or brand collab? Hit us up, we're psyched already.


At Leesa, we believe everybody needs a good night’s sleep, which is why we designed a mattress that adapts to all body types no matter how you sleep. With over 10,000 five-star reviews, Leesa is an exciting, fast-growing direct-to-consumer mattress company with heart and soul, donating one mattress for every ten sold.

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