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Jameela Jamil returns to "The Good Place" for Season 2 on NBC

NBC's The Good Place returned last night for its second season. Jameela stars as Tahani opposite Kristen Bell. Fans have been waiting for the show to return since the notable "twist ending" in the season finale. One thing we love about the show is how inclusive the casting choices are. We are living for the diversity and how the producers decided to have real world representation.

Producer Michael Schur talked to Collider last year about the diversity of the show:

"I wanted to make it very clear that in this conception of the afterlife, there was no right answer, in terms of where you were from, what religion you were, what your ethnicity was, or what your sexual orientation was. I wanted it to be a true random sampling of the entire world, so to that end, when you crunch the numbers, 40% of this afterlife neighborhood should be East Asian, 30% is some version of Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi/Indonesian, 20% is Caucasian and 10% is African. I don’t know that those are the actual numbers, but it’s a pure numbers game and whatever they were, we tried to represent that, not only with the main cast, but with the background, as well. Even for the people who are in for one episode or a couple of episodes, we always choose specifically what country they’re from and what their background is. The names that we gave them are true to the country we’ve said those people are from. We’re trying to replicate the world population. By the way, it’s not that hard. It’s pretty easy. But, I really wanted there to be a sense that there’s no Western Hemisphere or North American bias. We’re saying that this is a place that’s truly just reserved for the top 150,000thof 1% of all human on Earth. You can achieve the best life, whether you are from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Senegal or Australia. That was a very conscious thing and a very deliberate thing, throughout the whole run of the show. "

Jameela made her television acting debut on The Good Place and has been met with critical acclaim. We can't wait to see what Tahani has in store for us this season. You can stream all of season 1 of The Good Place on Hulu.

Catch Season 2 of

The Good Place Wed 10pm on NBC

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