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Desi Beauty Experts review Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

Were you wondering if you should check out Rihanna's Fenty Beauty line as a brown Millennial? Desi Beauty Experts weigh in and it looks like we have a winner. Overwhelmingly, our relatable experts agree Fenty Beauty's foundation not only matches their skin perfectly, but the texture is unlike any other foundation.

Check out seven of our favorite reviews by our sisters, Arshia Moorjani, Deepicam, Limitless bwl, Kaushal Beauty, Sharifa Easmin Kabir, MrJovitaGeorge, and AnchalMUA. Yes, we literally fell down a whole of reviews and watched all of them! We love you ladies!


Arshia Moorjani


Limitless bwl

Kaushal Beauty

Sharifa Easmin-Kabir



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