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Deepica Mutyala speaks out about diversity campaigns in the Beauty Industry

This week we've seen two major beauty brands embrace diversity in their campaigns. Olivier Rousteing's Balmain collaboration with L'Oréal Paris and Rihanna x Fenty Beauty. On the heels of Fenty selling out their darker shades in many locations, we are positive more brands will follow suit.

However, beauty expert and personality Deepica Mutyala had a few choice words about the lack of diversity in some recent diversity campaigns- tweeting out:

@deepicam Sep 14: "Yet another ad campaign about diversity that has 0 south Asians. India is ~2 BILLION ppl...that's w/ a B. So like..??"

@deepicam Sep 14: Also I come across gorg south Asian models daily on the gram so ya can't say that's why we aren't repped. We out here! (We being they).


We at VELEX totally agree with Deepica on this one. The South Asian community seems to be missing in a lot of these campaigns. Although it was awesome to see such diversity in Rihanna's Fenty campaign video, including an Indian model would have been the icing on the cake. Not to mention it would have sat well with a country that has a population of 650,000,000 women. There are however Indian faces on Fenty's "Foundation Finder" web page - so Gold Stars for that!

Like Deepica we're excited to see the beauty industry transform and we're looking forward to seeing even more inclusive companies.

*Shout out to L'Oréal Paris x Balmain for including our girl Neelam Gill in their new lip color line! Also much love to Neelam for sharing VEYLEX's story on her! Love you girl!

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