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DAYA covers "Gay Times" Magazine

Back in October 2018, Daya came out as bisexual on her instagram. Flash forward 2 months and Daya covers Gay Times Magazine. Daya spoke about coming out and teased her up-coming album.

“I think the number of times you have to do it is something not a lot of people know about coming out.” She adds that it’s been a process. “I came out personally to my grandma, and then my entire immediate family all in person.” She pauses. “Everyone’s journey is their own. Come out when it feels right. Surround yourself with your support system.”

Daya has been a little absent from the mainstream music scene but since signing with, "Interscope", it looks like Punjabi-American artist is gearing up for her next release!

“My new album is really all love songs. I tried to write moody songs, but now I’m in such a good mood.” In terms of sound, she describes her new album “as [going] somewhere [she] hadn’t yet been before.” She explains, “It explores different parts of my voice and sounds, and [it’s] definitely the most real body of work I’ve put out to date and the most definitive of me.”

We're looking forward to music from Daya in 2019 and are so proud of our sister coming out and sharing her story! Check out the full article on Gaytimes' website!


Daya - Safe

Source via Gay Times

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