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NATANIA releases new single "Yellow Lights"

Singer-songwriter Natania Lalwani just dropped her newest single "Yellow Lights." The track premiered exclusively with Rolling Stone India, "the musician has been shuttling between Los Angeles and Mumbai, working on her own material, singing on ads, doing television and film work as well as collaborating with artists such as New York-based singer-songwriter Miranda Glory and Bollywood playback singer Akasa Singh. The track opens with a calm synth progression under Lalwani’s silky vocals. It then kicks into the next gear with a chunky bass line and electronica elements."

We had the pleasure of getting to know Natania and finding out more about the creation of "Yellow Lights." Check out our chat with her below!

What was your inspiration when writing "Yellow Lights"?

Yellow Lights was inspired by a situation I was in that was full of mixed signals. The moment I felt like I was on solid ground, the rug was swept out from under me. I think the worst part about it, is the unknown - red and green lights have clarity but yellow ones are just a mess!

What was the process like working on the song?

I wrote the song with some of my best friends and collaborators Matt Ferree, Miranda Glory and Asha Madhukar and it was such a fun process. We wrote the song in a few hours and I recorded it the next day. It just felt so liberating for me to write this song and really release a lot of the emotional frustration I was feeling at the time!

The artwork for "Yellow Lights" is very eye-catching. What inspired the artwork and who was the artist?

Thank you! I had an idea of Neon and a traffic light in my head and I contacted this incredible artist over Instagram “DigInk” and sent him the song. He responded within a few hours with this insane artwork 90% done, it was truly incredible! He really brought the whole vision to life and made it even better than I could have ever imagined in my head. I feel so privileged that he contributed to this record with his artistry.

What was the biggest challenge you had while in production with "Yellow Lights"?

This song actually had a pretty easy flow to it which was nice! I wrote the song and recorded in April and signed it with ATLAST RECORDS in August. One thing that is different with this record though is that it’s going to have my first ever music video that comes out in a few weeks that I can’t wait to share with the world!

Who was the team involved with "Yellow Lights," and do you have any fun stories you all shared while creating the track?

Asha Madhukar, Miranda Glory and Matt Ferree co wrote it with me and Matt also produced, mixed and mastered it. We had a great time working on it! A little funny story while writing it was that I always had a different melody for the “Yellow Lights” part in the chorus in my head so I kept singing the wrong note and had to literally sing it about 30 times to get it right the day I was recording haha. Sometimes melodies in your head can be so stubborn but luckily Matt was patient with me and didn’t give me a red light! (Haha!)

What can we expect from you next?

A lot more music! I’ll be putting out a lot of music for my artist project while writing for other artists and there’s also an amazon prime show in India that I recently worked on music for with Mikey McCleary that will be out in 2019!

We're looking forward to checking out the music video for Yellow Lights once it's released in a few weeks and can't wait for more new content from this talented young artist! Listen to Yellow Lights below!

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Yellow Lights (Official Audio)

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