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Charli XCX releases "5 In The Morning"

Charli XCX dropped a new single today, 5 in the Morning. She's been teasing us about the release all week on her social media "i am going to release a lot music this year. and a lot of videos. you’re gonna be so fucking sick of me." We're feeling the new song and can't wait for the rest of the album! Don't think we can ever get sick of this talented girl!!!

She put out 2 solid mix tapes last year - Number 1 Angel and Pop 2. Both were filled with major bops. Her new single is definitely much more hip-hop inspired than her past work and we're totally here for it!!!

We're looking forward to more new music and more music videos from her! We couldn't get enough of the fashion and all of the yummy eye candy she featured in last year's hit Boys.

"I always think about fashion when it comes to making music and music videos... what the colours will look like, what the material will be, how will it work with the sound of the music."

Fans can catch Charli live along with Camila Cabello as they continue to open for Taylor Swift on her Reputation Tour.

Listen to 5 in the Morning below!


Charli xcx "5 in the morning"

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