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Manish Dayal to premiere, "Fifteen Years Later" at IFFLA

Actor Manish Dayal most recently seen leading FOX's, "The Resident," is making his directorial debut at this year's Los Angeles Indian Film Festival. The festival kicks off April 11th and closes on April 15th. Dayal will premiere his film on Sunday, April 15th at 3:30 p.m. LA Live will host this year's festival with 2018 marking their largest run to date. Tickets can be purchased through IFFLA's website:

VEYLEX will be at IFFLA this year and we're looking forward to our brother's debut!


Sam and Jason have absorbed the psychological effects of post-9/11 America in ways they don’t understand. Their tragedies surface when their lives intersect during a police traffic stop. FIFTEEN YEARS LATER works to deepen discussion and education on the issues of race and police brutality in our current political climate.

Director: Manish Dayal Writer: Manish Dayal , James Joseph Cole Producer: Tracy Mulholland , Natasha Rivera Co-Producer: Michael Steger Director of Photography: Yoni Goldberg Production Designer: Emily E.A. Baker Editor: Meridith Sommers Composer: Samrat Chakrabarti Cast: Manish Dayal, Matt McGorry, Tracy Mulholland, Rachel Brosnahan


Manish Dayal on Good Day Atlanta

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