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Jeenu Mahadevan slays Men's Fashion Week!

It's not everyday that you see yourself in the media when you are brown, let alone on the runway. Models on a large scale have always been seen as symbols of beauty. Indian men in western media for the most part are always seen as nerdy and docile. Rarely are they the lead and rarely are they dark skinned. Mahadevan's inclusion this season has changed all that. This is Jeenu's second season walking, but this time around he has already walked 12 shows. On top of all the shows we are seeing this beautiful dark skinned desi man have the honor of being profiled by American Vogue. Every time I see a desi person on any media platform it makes me happy. However, seeing Jeenu Mahadevan walk this season makes me ecstatic! It's been long over due that we have a prominent male model in the industry. I'm so proud of Jeenu for being the representation we need. Check out a few stills from the Jennu this A/W 2018



Ann Demeulemeester

Christian Dada

Alexander McQueen



Brooks Brothers

Alex Mullins


Xander Zhou



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