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The First Sikh Mayor: Ravi Bhalla Wins Hoboken, N.J. Mayoral Election

Just when you think all hope is lost for this country, NJ elects a brown man in a turban and reignites hope. Ravi Bhalla celebrates the victory in his hometown of Hoboken, even after flyers circulated with the title, "Don't let terrorism take over our town." Since the September 11 attacks, Sikhs have often become victims of racial profiling, bullying, and hate crimes. It's great to see change take place. Congratulations to our brother, Ravi Bhalla! On to the 2018 elections!

“I think it’s important for Sikh children to realize that they should have pride in their faith and know that in this country, the sky is the limit. I hope as mayor, I can present a positive image of Sikh to the general public and I hope that it will make it easier for young kids in school.” - Ravi Bhalla


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