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Sharifa Easmin joins Cover Girl!

Sharifa Easmin was recently named as an exclusive contributor for Cover Girl Collective. The brand unveiled nine selected Beauty Influnecers that will be featured on select in-store displays and promotional ads! How dope is that?! We're so proud of our sister Sharifa and can't wait to see her brand continue to build!

“We’re constantly looking for innovative ways to bring influencers into the brand experience through opportunities that show the power of our products to create transformational looks,” CoverGirl SVP Ukonwa Ojo said. “By featuring curated beauty looks designed by influencers on our display offerings, we bridge the online/offline gap to solve a key consumer challenge. As we imagine the shopping experience of the future, merging the worlds of digital content and brick-and-mortar shopping is an important priority for CoverGirl.”


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